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By The Podcast Of Grayskull

May 15, 2018

Lady Edwina, Orko at her feet. Creepy little wizard makes our life complete (horn break).
Actually that’s not true at all. But strangely enough, Orko achieves a tiny redemption arc when we learn his origin story this episode. He’s  tormented by He-Man’s bitch goddess cousin, too. Don’t worry, he still sucks....

May 1, 2018

Sing it, Sister! Sarah recaps Song Of Celice, which is kinda a misnomer. Mostly this ep is about dumb monsters, dumb caves, and bullshit pits. Furthermore, where the hell does Teela keep her pole vault? ...Anyway, at least Orko gets touched inappropriately. So that’s cool.

Apr 17, 2018

Dave takes a deep dive into a jam-packed MOTU episode, featuring climate change, political propaganda, biological warfare, and the most inefficient use of volcano resources ever. The 80s were a dark time, friends. So it’s a good thing Dave does upwards of 20 celebrity impressions. Can you spot them all?

Apr 3, 2018

Journey to Planet Phantos as Sarah narrates “The She-Demon of Phantos,” a Gynocentrist episode full of portals, slaves, and Bonnie Raitt plus the only appearance of Lizard-Man and Strong-Arm.

Mar 20, 2018

Travel to Ancient Eternia as Dave recaps “Time Corridor,” chock full of portals, wiggly science, and snake talk of yore. Stephen Hawking probably would not have approved. Bonus: A BTPOG fan childhood anecdote!